Scriptures to be read before the sermon on Sunday, January 19:


Sunset Ridge Church of Christ Vision Team

             For nearly 2 years the Sunset Ridge Leadership Team has prayed, studied, reflected and sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the input of many of you and the counsel of experts regarding the slow and steady decline in numbers of our church family.  This past Sunday, we formally installed the Sunset Ridge Church of Christ Vision Team who will address this issue of decline.  We seek the continued blessing of God upon these brothers and sisters whom Jesus has called to service in this capacity.

            The Elders have charged the Vision Team to discern God’s preferred future for Sunset Ridge by using the Sunset Ridge Mission Statement (unveiled this past Sunday) as the determinative guide.  To make this discernment, the Vision Team will engage in prayer, reflection and collaboration within the team and the congregation.  The Vision Team will review and evaluate all the ministries, worship services, educational, benevolent and missional efforts of Sunset Ridge and determine if they are consistent with their discernment of God’s preferred future for the work of Sunset Ridge.  By the fall of 2020, the Vision Team is to develop an outline of steps forward that will aid Sunset Ridge to more fully embody our mission to Follow Jesus, Reach people and Radiate His love and hope to all.


Let us remember our Vision Team daily in our prayers!

Vision Team Co-Chairs

Melanie Fry, Kim Gilbert & Byron Stone

Vision Team Members

                                                                 Gregg Alba                                       Dick Ihfe                                         Glenna Miranda         

                                                                 Kelly Alba                                          Janet Ihfe                                       Larry Bob Moore

                                                                 Mark Armstrong                                Anne Kiehle                                   Michael Nyman

                                                                 Warren Branch                                  Brenda Littleton                             Jonna Rosas

                                                                 Suzan Browning                                Ashley Lockridge                          Randy Rutland

                                                                 Kari Butts                                           Michael Lockridge                         Angie Stone

                                                                 Annelise Carlin                                  Brennan Lowry                              John Suk

                                                                 Gay Carlson                                      Jess Lowry                                     Bill Wards

                                                                 Holly Glasgow                                   Nathan Lowry                                Carol Wards

                                                                 John Harp                                         Julie Mankins                                 Bill Wisecarver

                                                                 Necia Harp                                        Anthony Miranda                        

                                                                                                                                                            For the Elders,

                                                                                                                                                                 Dick Ihfe