Scriptures to be read before the sermon on Sunday, March 29:

Monday: Mark 14:1-11                  Thursday:  Mark 14:43-52

Tuesday:  Mark 14:12-26                   Friday:  Mark 14:53-65

Wednesday:  Mark 14:27-42              Saturday:  Mark 14:66-72


Dear Sunset Ridge Church Family,                                                                                                                                                           March 20, 2020

          One week ago, the Elders decided to suspend all Sunday and Wednesday services and meetings  of Sunset Ridge for two weeks.  In the meantime, due to the escalation of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and the increased restrictions implemented by the federal, state and local governments, the Elders have decided that all of our Sunday and Wednesday worship services shall be suspended until further notice. 

          We reiterate that this decision is not made out of fear or anxiety, but based on advice from our government and public health officials and out of love and concern for our Sunset Ridge church family and our surrounding community.  As you may well have heard, it is incumbent on each of us to do our part to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus so that our healthcare facilities are not overwhelmed and therefore remain able to attend to all the patients, no matter their illness or injury.  We must care for our neighbor, which means caring and loving those who are vulnerable, in this case that is persons who are 60+ years of age and those with chronic or underlying health issues, whose exposure to this virus could be serious or even deadly.  We trust that by suspending our in-person gatherings,    we are lowering the risk of spreading the virus to one another, and then to others that we come in contact with outside of the church.

          As we stated on March 13, we may be suspending our in-person worship gatherings and events, but we are not stopping being church!  We are continuing  to explore new ways to stay connected to one another and continue to live out our vows of prayer, presence, gifts, service, and witness in new and creative ways.  The Elders, ministers and staff encourage you to call, email, text or write members of our church family as well as your personal family and friends.  We may be restricted on hugs, kisses and handshakes, but we certainly are not hindered on reaching out in these alternative ways to encourage one another in this time of great stress and uncertainty.  Let others know that Jesus cares, you care and Sunset Ridge cares. 

          We are now working on creative ways to worship in alternative ways.  Jess has begun with her Sunday morning devotionals.  The Elders, ministers and staff are working on a special Easter Sunday worship time which all may have available to them by way of our website.  Stay tuned for more information on that exciting event.  We still encourage you to take advantage of the video recordings of our previous worship services as well as the taped sermons John is making for the Sundays we have missed.  These new sermons will be available as soon as they are made and uploaded to the website.  Sermons can be viewed at any time on our website, http://sunsetridgechurch.org/sermon-videos .  Do not forget to avail yourselves of the Daily Readings which are posted on the SSR website.

          Even though we have to suspend services, please remember that our recurring expenses must be paid as they are incurred.  This will require the continued financial support from our church family.  You can financially support our ministries by mailing in your gifts to Sunset Ridge Church of Christ, 95 Brees Blvd.,         San Antonio, TX 78209, by sending an online donation through your bank, or by dropping off a gift in person during office hours:  8:30 AM–4 PM Monday-Thursday, 8:30–12:00 Friday.

          We know that this is a confusing and often discouraging season, but we assure you that God is with us even during this time of a seemingly wilderness exile.  Beloved, if you are feeling lonely or you are in need of support, please reach out to your small group, Sunday school class or one of the Elders or Ministers.  We are there for you.  Call your friends and stay connected with one another, especially those who might be most affected by the virus.  And pray for our church, community, country, and world.  Please pass along this information to anyone and everyone who may not have received it.

Grace and Peace to you each and all,

Dick Ihfe,

For the Elders